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Thread: PD-6CWL indicator lights not on, but seen in apps???

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    PD-6CWL indicator lights not on, but seen in apps???

    My goal/hope is for someone to tell me I am a lazy good-for-nothing bum for not knowing how to (insert easy fix here).Setup:- Lutron Caseta smart in-wall dimmer (PD-6WCL)- 4 outdoor uplighting fixtures, each with a 3 W dimmable G8 LED bulb) -- little hope for checking compatibility by brandSituation:- Dimmer successfully pairs with Lutron app- Dimmer successfully seen and configured in Alexa and SmartThings- Dimmer seems to function normally in these apps, as no errors or timeouts seen- As for the bulbs themselves, they are on at full brightness no matter what. They flicker, albeit not terribly. Cannot be dimmed or turned off.- The tiny green level indicator lights on the PD-6CWL have never illuminated.I have removed the Lutron dimmer and replaced with dumb two-way switch (original in home), and it works to power on and off all bulbs as expected. When the Lutron is reinstalled, same situation as above.I tried swapping the wiring of the hot and load wires to the two black wires from the PD-6CWL, but same outcome.I ordered the LUT-MLC, due to arrive Monday.Is that the fix? Something else?

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    The LUT-MLC is really to only be used with electronic on/off switches such as the PD-5WS-DV , PD-6ANS or PD-5ANS. Not rated for dimmers. I think this performance could be due to the min load or an incompatible LED. May want to try another bulb or test with an incandescent to see how the dimmer performs. Please see the following link to the LED compatibility tool.

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