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Thread: Programming Occupancy sensor to work in night only

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    Programming Occupancy sensor to work in night only

    I have Wireless Radio Powr Savr Sensor in my stairs to turn on the lights. But it turns on the light in day as well. How to program it to turn on the light only in night time? I have Caseta hub and not able to find a way to handle it. Please help me out.

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    Hello. Unfortunately there is not an option to program the sensor just to turn on at night time. It would function like you described. With the PD-OSENS-WH Caseta sensor this is not a possibility just yet however Lutron may be working on increasing the programming capabilities in the near future. The LRF2 Sensor models will definitely not be supported with this feature as they are to be used with RA2 Select or RA2 Standard systems.

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