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Thread: Lights mysteriously turning on

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    Lights mysteriously turning on

    Hi all,I’ve had Caseta set up and working perfectly on a number of lights (in-wall, lamp dimmer, etc) for several years now and have had basically zero issues.About two weeks ago, seemingly out of the blue, a few of my lights (all in the same room and all on lamp dimmers) have decided to turn on daily at a precise time (around 8:20pm), as if they were on a schedule (I can turn them off after they turn on each evening without issue). However, I have no schedule set up in the Lutron app. I do have them connected to both HomeKit and Alexa, but neither the Home nor Alexa apps have any automations set up to turn them on at any particular time. I did also at once point have the integration with Nest setup (which would turn on certain lights when a person was detected by Nest Cam), but I checked the Lutron app and that functionality is turned off. Further, the cameras are not on when I’m home and yet the lights still turn on, and further again I think Nest has actually killed this functionality overall anyway as a result of their (aggravating) API changes a few months back.Any ideas? I am really baffled on this one. Would be great if there were some kind of log to see which service is triggering the lights to turn on...

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    Hello. If this is consistent and happening daily at 8:20 PM, then there must be some sort of schedule or routine that may have been set in error. Typically sending a support file to with such details would allow Lutron to look through the bridge logs in order to determine what may be triggering this. Settings>Help>Send Feedback file. Be sure to be on you homes local WiFi when this is sent.

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    Thanks! Will give that a shot. Super curious to understand what could be happening here.

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