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Thread: Lutron Connect app forgets my home

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    Lutron Connect app forgets my home

    A few times now recently I have run the Lutron Connect app on my phone, and found that it has "forgotten" my home. I have to add home, and press the button on my Connect Bridge device. It then finds my home, and I can control my lights. But if I quit the app, and restart it, then it once again says "No home is associated with this account please add home to connect." This used to work fine -- why is it suddenly losing my home? Is this an issue with the app? or my account stored in the cloud?

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    Thank you for your post gwertzman.

    We sincerely apologize for the issues you have encountered. This should not be occurring with the app. At this point we are not 100% sure what is causing the issue. Your account would be stored in the cloud. As a first step, we would recommend deleting the app on the phone and re-download the Connect app again. If so, does this resolve the issue for you?

    If it does not could you please create a support file by going up gear in the upper left corner and go to help and click Email support. This way we can dig into what is going on with your app. Hope this helps!

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