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Thread: Telnet/TCP interface changed in some way?

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    Telnet/TCP interface changed in some way?

    I am able to connect and login to my RadioRA2 12.7.0 main repeater (there is also a bridge attached, in case that matters), and I am able to issue output commands that do what they should. But no matter what, I cannot seem to get a RESPONSE from the repeater. Not with ?HELP, ?MONITORING,255,1... Nothing. Has something changed? I am sending CRLF, so that's not it.

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    Thank you for your post djmax.

    It should be enabled by default to provide feedback. If you look at the Lutron Integration Protocol found here at Specifically looking at page 12 to enable monitoring. If that does not work, if you use the Microsoft Telnet Client , does that get you the feedback?

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    I've had the same problem on two different systems. I solved it by creating a new Integration ID with all permissions.

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