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Thread: Scenes not working Google Home for 2nd User

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    Scenes not working Google Home for 2nd User

    Any suggestions how to enables scenes for a second used via Google Home? We have 2 people enabled in our Google Home. The 2nd person cannot use Lutron scenes in Google Home... Google Home says, "sorry, it looks like Luton Caseta and RA2 Select is unavailable right now". Scenes work for the 1st user, who set up all the integration. All other commands work for User 2... They can turn on and off individual Lutron lights, whole rooms, and all lights; they just can't use the scenes that were set up in Lutron. They get the same result whether they use Google Assistant on their phone or in a Google Home device, that Luton Caseta RA2 Select is unavailable. I appreciate help anyone can offer. Thanks.

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    Hello. Try having the second user unlink and relink their Google Home account to the Caseta System. This should enable the scenes to become available.

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