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Thread: Caseta Dimmer restricts speed of ceiling fans

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    Caseta Dimmer restricts speed of ceiling fans

    Newly installed Caseta wireless with pico remotes and new electrical wiring and new fans with wireless remote controls for fans. First off all, my ceiling remotes would not connect to the fans because of the Caseta switches were installed. The Caseta switches work fine to turn fans on/off, speed selectors, but the fans were not moving at full speed as expected. My electrician installed regular rocker switches and I was able to sink the fans to the wireless remotes on the first try and now the fans rotate at the speeds the fans should be. Did anyone else have this issue, if so, how did you rectify the issue or is there some kind of restriction built into the caseta fan my new remodel has a rocker switch instead of the caseta's.

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    The PD-FSQN is only rated for pull chain fans that do not have remotes for the fans. Being the fan has a remote that came with it from what I understand would indicate that there is some sort of relay or limiter in the fan that would prevent the fan from working as specified with the Caseta fan control.

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