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Thread: QS Link's Devices Unstable Response

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    Post QS Link's Devices Unstable Response

    Hello Lutron Community,At site, we have Lutron HWQS-2 Link Processor, in link-1 we have 85 devices such as Shades, Keypad, Modules(switching+Phasecut), QSM. And in link-2 there are 28 devices.Link-2 is stable but Link-1 starts to shows unstable response for few minutes. Unstable response such as SHADES starts to go UP and DOWN automatically, SeeTouch keypad LED starts to flicker, QSM stops to work.Client is facing this problem for 3 months. So, if someone has faced this similar problem or have any solution, than please do let us know the solution for this! The frequency of unstable response is increasing with time, for example the problem used to come once in 15 but now the problem is coming within 5 days.

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    Thank you for your post Avenir Automation.

    It seems like you are having issues with link noise on the the first link. We would recommend breaking down the link and build out to find where the issues are. This way we can add devices slowly until we encounter the issue. This will help find where the issue is and we can troubleshooting further once we pinpoint the cause of the noise. This could be related to wiring or a device on the link. Hope this helps!

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