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Thread: Contact closure control from app?

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    Contact closure control from app?

    I've never tried it, and don't have anything in front of me that I can test on.

    Can you control the contact closure on either a VCRX or a wired keypad from the iOS app?

    Looking to control an automated door (handicapped access).

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    I believe under load type on contact closure if choose maintained lighting that will make it show up in the App

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    Actually both maintained and maintained lighting could be made available on iPhone.

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    How do you make the load type CCO Maintaned show up on the app . Early on when QS came out the only way was to use the 1 labeled Maintained Lighting Load type Whats the trick ?

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    Sorry, forgot to mention, the trick is - you shouldn't be looking in the Home+ app.

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    That's what I thought nothing has changed on this option

    I have plenty of scenerios where I need the closure to be available on the app. I just wish I wasn't stuck with the light bulb icon for it.

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