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Thread: Control4 and Radio RA2 Triathlon Shades

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    Control4 and Radio RA2 Triathlon Shades

    I'm having an issue with the integration of my Control4 system with Radio RA2 Triathlon honeycomb and roller shades. When I command any of the individual shades to close using the Control4 driver/interface, the Lutron system doesn't recognize that the shade as closed (i.e., at 0%). Instead, it still shows the shade at its previous level. This causes issue where my seeTouch keypad LEDs do not recognize the scene as "fully closed" therefore the LED does not light. Also, if I go to use the seeTouch to then open the shades, the first press does not move the shades, but instead first registers that the shades are fully closed and the corresponding seeTouch scene button LED lights up. Then on the second press of the open button, the shades with move.Now this issue is only when I use Control4 sliders/buttons to close the shades fully, if instead I move the shades to 50% or fully open, then the Lutron system correctly recognized the status and shows up properly in the Lutron app as such. So my question is, is this an issue with the Control4 integration/driver? Or an issue with Lutron Main Repeater firmware? I used to use an RTI control system that was integrated with the same Radio RA2 system, and don't remember seeing this issue. Also, lighting control works fine from Control4, so feedback of lighting levels tracks in Lutron system/app when I use sliders in Control4.Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Dino

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    I would first check the RA2 program and make sure the button is "Shade Toggle."

    Does the issue occur when you do the C4 close button or just when you use the slider? My thought is that the C4 slider is sending a 1% (or less) signal. When you press the close button on the seeTouch it polls the shade for its current position and sends it the rest of the way closed.
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    I you are the Ra2 system programmer, I would recommend creating a support file in the Ra2 programming software. Is there a Connect bridge on the Ra2 system? If so, does the shade report its position back correctly in the Connect app?

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    Yes, I am BLAST trained, and I am the Ra2 programmer. I will look into creating a report within the software, but I've never done that before. Who do I send the report to? Or does it get sent automatically?I do have a Connect Bridge (albeit the first generation), and NO, the position is not reported correctly in the Connect App. If the shades are sitting at 25%, if I then go to close them completely using the C4 interface, the Connect App will continue to show the position at 25%, even though the shades have physically closed completely to 0%. This is when the shade status gets "out of sync" and why seeTouch and app need a first press to get them back in sync, and then a second press to actually move the shades again.

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    OK, I created the support file and sent it to By the way, the C4 system appears to always track shade position correctly, even when the Lutron app/system does not. So if I close the shades using C4, the feedback on the C4 interface is correct and shows the shades at 0%. And again, this is only an issue when fully closing the shade to 0%. If I instead close the shades using C4 to like 1% or 5%, both C4 and Lutron apps correctly track the position. So something with fully closed is the problem here (something to do with shade close limit settings perhaps?).

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