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Thread: Caseta dimmer dies and needs to be reset often

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    Question Caseta dimmer dies and needs to be reset often

    I have my entire house wired with Caseta switches and all work flawlessly but one. The light over my kitchen sink is connected to a Caseta dimmer (PD-6WCL-WH). It is a single LED bulb on a single pole circuit. Every few days, it just stops working. All of the LEDs on the switch are dead, the buttons don't work, and it loses all connectivity to the bridge. If I reset the circuit breaker at the panel, or reset the pull tab on the switch, it starts working again for a few days, but then it dies. At first I suspected a bad switch. A couple of months ago, I called Lutron support, and they were very helpful in walking me through all of the diagnosis procedures, and the support person agreed that I must have gotten a bad switch. They promptly sent me a replacement which I installed and threw away the first one. A few weeks later, the new one started doing the same thing. I have 50 Caseta switches installed in my house, and this is the only one causing me any trouble. The only special thing about this circuit that I can identify, is that it is the only circuit in the house with a single bulb. If it isn't a bad switch, I have no idea what could be causing this issue.

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    Hello. Sounds like a minimum load issue. What is the wattage of the LED bulb you are using. The PD-6WCL has a minimum load of 25 watts incandescent /halogen or 1 compatible LED bulb from the following list. I'm sure if you try an incandescent bulb this would stop happening. May need to find a more compatible LED from the compatibility tool listed.

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