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Thread: Maestro CL Digital dimmer not powering down G9 leds

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    Maestro CL Digital dimmer not powering down G9 leds

    Hi all,TLDR ( Why would a digital dimmer not be able to adequately dim and turn off LED bulbs, specifically three G9 LED's that are dimmable?)First time converting over to LED lights in my home and it's been a learning curve to say the least.I ran into an issue with some Ariadni togglers for a set of Feit Electric BR10 LED bulbs, 5 on one switch and 2 on the other. The issue was at first they would flicker, no matter the adjustmnet on the Ariadni togglers or dimmer high or low. Then suddenly they just worked. Ok I thought I'm in business, and moved on to the next room.The next room has 4 of the same Feit Electric BR10 LED bulbs on the same Ariandi toggler. The result was flickering again but only when you put the dimmer to max. This eventually went away after adjusting the Ariadni switch but upon returning and turning them back on, they would flicker again and require adjustment each time, either with the slider dimmer or with the - + adjustment knob on the switch. No matter the adjustment it would not stay constant.Frustrated I opted to swap the Ariadni toggler switch for a Maestro CL digital dimmer and viola, that did the trick. Then my wife mentioned that the other room with the same Feit Electric BR10's and Ariadni togglers was now dimming down on it's own at random times.At this point of switching on/off breakers and swapping switches I opted to throw two new Maestro CL digital dimmers at that and that also seemed to work well. Thinking that a digital dimmer should have the smarts and variance in voltage to adequately set and forget the range to work with LED's.Ok now on to the second to last room, this time three tiny G9 LED's, 4.5w each, and with tha Ariadni toggler it dimmed ok, not a great range but it worked. I thought, why not throw another Maestro CL digital dimmer on that, surely it would work better.Well it did not work well at all. In fact it failed to shut the lights completely off and no amount of adjustment worked so I had to revert back to the Ariadni toggler for that one.Seems that there is some bugs to iron out this technology as one certainly shouldn't have to be checking charts and compatibility and manufacturer tests to see what bulb works with what switch/dimmer, or worse buy hundreds of dollars of switches and dimmers and play the matching game.Still I am questioning the Maestro CL digital dimmers that I have and their inability to power down completely, three little G9 led's, yet the BR10's worked fine? Is there a set variance inside these switches that is set to like 10w min? The Maestro CL digital dimmer that failed to dim the G9's was moved to another room to dim a set of 4 Ecosmart LED BR30's, and that worked fine. So I'm still confused as to why it wouldn't work for the G9's?Thankfully the Mrs isn't too upset at the mismatched switch in the house but it bugs the heck out of me and I'd like to narrow down the why's because honestly one shouldn't have to go through so much research for a set of lights and switches :)

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    Seems that the paragraphs in my post did not come through and I am not able to edit it further due to administration timeout :(

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    Last question is if Lutron makes any other digital dimmers with the same form factor as the Maestro CL that can dim G9 LED's?

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    Hi Occicat, with digital dimmers like the Maestro or Sunnata dimmers they require a small amount of current in order to keep the indicator LEDs on the dimmer lit. This small trickle of current can be enough for some LEDs to stay dimly illuminated even in the off position. We have a large list of LEDs that we've tested and know that they won't have performance like this, that list can be found at If you have light fixtures that use bulbs that we don't have any testing for, you can always reach out to us at and we'll see if there is anything we can help with.

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