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Thread: low/under voltage on plug - help troubleshooting

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    low/under voltage on plug - help troubleshooting

    I have a "legacy" homeworks systems that has been installed for 19 years and generally working well. (had to re-solder li-ion battery and replace one module with clear failure a few years ago). New problem is getting beyond my ability to troubleshoot.I noticed my deck lights (low voltage) not coming on a while ago. Started to troubleshoot and found a transformer that seems to have failed. Removed the transformer and tested with a different outlet and it seems fine. GFCI seemed to have failed (test/reset) and the new one didn't work. Tested the voltage and the input is variable running 60-80v when deck lights are enabled. (hot to common, hot to ground the same) Turning on all my landscape lights it bumps up to 115v. With that I was able to get the GFCI to function and even got the transformer to power again. Still flakey depending on the order I turn on the lights. The outlet has a single input wire and it terminates. Started looking beyond found another GFCI that was similar but it always has power at 60-80v and comes up to 115v when all landscape lights are enabled and seems to work. I actually don't know what lights that GFCI runs to... strange that it always has some power.General problems like this are potentially a wiring problem but the behavior changing with which outputs from the homeworks are enabled makes me wonder. The transformer is 600w and there are two output (together 600w) for deck lights on the HWI software from different modules. Maybe just mis-labeled wattage or somehow the outputs combine? One next step is to test specific outputs using the software to turn them on and off. Curious if anybody has seen a failure mode like this? Trying to decide if the homeworks modules are the source of the problem vs the wiring? How to effectively troubleshoot. Thanks!

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    Thank you for your post MarsSr.

    If you would use the wheel on the RPM to go to the specific output does the outlet work? You can view the dial settings on page 6 of the spec sheet found here at . This can rule out the RPM as the cause. You could then measure the output from there. If that works we could think it could be outlet then as well. Hope this helps!

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