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Thread: LED Track Lights not turning fully off with Caseta PD-6WCL Wireless Dimmer

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    LED Track Lights not turning fully off with Caseta PD-6WCL Wireless Dimmer

    I recently installed a Track Light kit by Satco Lighting. It is a Satco Nuvo 4 Foot Track with several LED Track Heads (the Satco Nuvo Model TH414, which is a 12 watt LED Track Head).I installed a Caseta PD-6WCL Wireless Dimmer and wired everything up.The problem is that the LED track light heads will not turn off fully. I hit the "off" switch on the Caseta Dimmer, but they stay on a very low level. Seem that there is still some electricity somewhere in the line that is energizing them. Please note that I did try the instructions to adjust the "low end trim", but this only impacts the amount of light when the dimmer is set on "low"... they still stay on a a low level when I hit "off", so that is not a solution.If I add in additional LED track heads, then they get even dimmer when off, and putting in a whole bunch of heads seems to almost turn it completely off, although they do occasionally still "Flash", but this is not a solution since I only want about 3 or 4 track heads on that track.I searched these forums and there were several different possible solutions listed, but I'm not sure which ones are valid before I try them:1) One post said a solution was to install the LUT-MLC Capacitor into the wiring that will remove "ghost" energy, but another post said that this capacitor is NOT supposed to be used with the PD-6WCL Dimmer, which is the one that I have but instead only with the PD-10NXD Dimmer (which I do not have).2) Another post said to remove the ground wire going to the fixture since that is sometimes how it gets "ghost energy", but I don't like the idea of having a non-grounded outlet.3) Another post said to try to "Switch" the wires on the dimmer that is receiving the black feed from the outlet box 4) And another post said the best solution is to swap out for the PD-10NXD Dimmer and hook it up using the Neutral Wire as well, which will reduce the "ghost" feed on the system.Looking for what the "proper way" is to resolve this problem, as I want to try to use the LED Track Heads I purchased.Thanks.Michael

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    The only Caseta Dimmer that should be used with the LUT-MLC is the PD-5NE in reverse phase (which it ships defaulted in this phase) and it requires a neutral connection. I would not expect the other suggestions to clear up the ghosting issue. Or you could add one incandescent/halogen bulb to the circuit and this would absorb the leakage. However, the light will look different then the others which is not very desirable. These would appear to be the two options to resolve the ghosting you are experiencing.

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