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Thread: Caseta Dimmer Switch work with Alexa commands, but will not work using buttons

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    Caseta Dimmer Switch work with Alexa commands, but will not work using buttons

    I have a PD-6WCL Dimmer Switch. The switch will not turn on the light. I see the green LED on the switch move up, but the light does not come on. However, I can ask Alexa to turn on the light and it comes on. Even with Alexa commands, though, I get a quick flash on the light and then it comes on full. I did not always have this problem. It started around 10 months after installation. Any help would be appreciated.

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    What type of lighting load is on the dimmer. If LED, are they confirmed compatible on the following site? It is possible after use that an LED burns in and starts to show incompatibility as you are describing if it truly has not been tested and approved. Have you tried an incandescent bulb on the dimmer to see if it behaves the same way?

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