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Thread: API / Programmatic Control of (not Pro) Bridge

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    API / Programmatic Control of (not Pro) Bridge

    I installed numerous Caseta switches over the last month and LOVE them.I have the regular bridge - not the Pro bridge.I've found posts about 3rd party integrations being only possible with the Pro bridge. And I've also done some internet searching about it. I've pretty much concluded there really isn't a back door on the lower-priced bridge - but thought I'd check here and see if that is still the case. I did find a blog post or two about going through steps to get security certificates and such that might enable API access - but they looked really onerous as well as had reports from others as not working. Before finding those posts I tried pointing PuTTY to the bridge's IP and when I saw a "login:" prompt I about fell over!
    While my interest is just tinkering with technology, there is a really practical use in having API access: The creation of a useful geofencing solution - one that takes action when the *last* phone leaves the house. It would be cool to run that with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.Thanks!Jim

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    Hello. Your research is correct. You absolutely need a L-BDGPRO2 Pro bridge in order to accommodate what you are looking for.

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