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Thread: Feature request: Aero Snap for HWQS

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    Feature request: Aero Snap for HWQS

    Why in this day and age does HWQS not support Aero Snap? Every other program I have used in the past decade will let you drag the title bar to the top of the screen and it will maximize the window. HWQS will not do this, nor will it undock itself when you drag the title bar down while it is maximized, or dragging to left or right doesnt give you 1/2 window.

    I cant believe nobody else has asked for this.

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    I think it's buried in this thread somewhere, it rings a bell.

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    Yea I found it here

    Almost 2 years ago and obviously nobody listens to these requests. I have spoken with tech support many times about things like this and they say "submit a feature request on the forum". I've probably submitted a half dozen feature requests which have never been implemented. Stuff that is so obvious that it should be added in, and others have agreed- including tech support who says many have asked for that particular feature. For example: SCENE SAVER FEATURE!!!!!- So many people have expressed the need for this and I asked for it 2 years ago and still nothing!!! If the App can do it then surely it can be done real time via integration!!! How is it that I cant hold a lighting keypad button to save the current lighting or shade level???

    I guess i don't have faith in them adding such a rudimentary feature a Aero Snap....

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    And another 1.5 years later and still no Aero Snap built into this software! I figured I would stay with the stable older versions i've been using but for some reason decided to finally step into the version 10.0 and above era with 10.7 and cant believe this still doesn't work!. Yes its not a deal breaker, but I think I am done making feature requests here in this forum as directed by tech support. Not a single one over the past several years has been addressed or implemented, including many that others agree need to be added. Do you guys even listen to your programmers here or do you just care about making sure the DIY Caseta crap sells?

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    Hello johnmax,
    Thank you for your feedback. I will ensure the appropriate team reviews this feedback. We are also currently looking into better methods of collecting customer feedback to ensure it is considered for future improvements/features. There is no guarantee that any suggested features/improvements will be implemented, but the more we hear from the community that a feature or improvement is wanted or needed, the more likely it will get prioritized to be implemented.

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