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Thread: LOS-CDT-2000R photocell setup not working

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    Question LOS-CDT-2000R photocell setup not working

    I have 2 2000R on a PP DV in stand alone wiring. I can adjust the test timer and that works. I try and adjust the blue knob for the photocell to keep the lights off and they still com on with motion. I try and set it to keep lights on and same problem. I have the gray wire hooked to the blue on the PP DV and am using the yellow/white and blue/white but have also tried the black/white and blue/white. I have also tried working with just one sensor at a time but same results. What am I doing wrong?

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    Good Afternoon, since you have the photo sensor connected to the normally open relay are you sure that the photo sensor being used is relay based? If the photo cell doesn't have a relay in it that can open and close, it would explain why it's not working. We can help diagnose this if you'd like to send in the specs of the photo sensor to We'll be happy to help. You can also try disconnecting the photo cell to see if the LOC-CDT controls the light correctly. If this is working then we can look more closely at the photo cell.

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