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Thread: broken "wishbone" under touchpad of RA-6D dimmer

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    No worries - been exchanging emails with Lutron folks. Had Case: 00957675; now have new Case number 8190540.

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    eBay. $10. Call one of the local dealers. They probably have a box of them they would pay you to take off their hands.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    OK, all taken care of. I wound up getting the replacements. I would have liked to fix the originals, but Lutron could not supply the plastic part, "due to regulatory agency limitations on electrical components (even though the plastic piece itself isn't electronic in nature, it is still a component of the product from their perspective)". Gluing also seemed problematic, so I just gave in and replaced them. Thanks for all your help!

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