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Thread: Lutron Motion Sensor wiring

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    Lutron Motion Sensor wiring

    I got a Lutron Motion Sensor for my kids' playroom downstairs (At 4, 10, and 14, they haven't figured out that light switches can be turned off). The lights down there are controlled by two different switches. When I took out the original switch, I noticed there was an additional red wire, I am used to seeing only two black ones plus a ground wire. I was told to leave out the red wire and put a wire nut on that, so I did. The second switch overrode the motion sensor and controlled the lights. When that second switch is on, the motion sensor does blink the orange light and I can enter the settings I want (so I know the motion sensor is receiving power). When that switch is off, the sensor doesn't work either. I took out all the wires and put wire nuts on them and left the switch in just for looks but it does nothing, and the motion sensor doesn't work. I was told to put all the wires for the second switch into a wire nut to fool the motion sensor into working, and that ended up tripping the breaker. I should add that the second switch also had a red wire on it also. How can I fix this?

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    Hi bzigler,It sounds like you are definitely dealing with a mis-wire.The first thing to check is the model # of the Lutron sensor you are working with. There will be a sticker on the side of the unit itself that will confirm the model #.If it's a Maestro MS-OPS2, this one unfortunately won't work in the 3-way application you have as it's only intended for single pole application with just one switch for the lights.If it's a Maestro MS-OPS5M, this is the that is good for a 3-way application. More than likely all that would need to be done is to ensure the wiring for both the Lutron sensor and remaining mechanical switch are as shown in the installation guide @ there are any issues with attempting to correct this wiring, please don't hesitate to give us a call @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) Hope this helps! -JustinF.

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    @Justin F. I saw this in the forum: "2) What happened when you first turned it on?:a. Did the product work one time, but now it's stuck? In other words, were the lights turned off at first, but you were able to turn them on, and now they are stuck on? This indicates that the device is switching the neutral.b. Is the switch stuck in the off position? This may mean that the sensor does not have a good ground connection. Keep in mind, this may also mean that the unit was damaged upon installation. make sure that power is turned off at the breaker during installation and that you are only connecting it to the wires that were connected to the original switch.Lutron's recommended solution in either case is to consult a qualified electrician to ensure that your installation is properly grounded and up to code. One other option is to instead use Lutron's dimmable in-wall sensor (model number: MSCL-OP153M) on a dimmable light source (e.g., incandescent/halogen, dimmable LED)"Response: My [incandescent] lights have never come on .... yet... and are stuck "off". My question is that I am getting into programming modes ok, with the sensor flashing, it's just that I can get the PIR to sense someone coming near it or waving my hand in front of it to turn on the lights. I'm not sure if when I first connected it, if it blinked 3 times. Apparently it is supposed to do that. Lutron did not mark the black wires as to which one was load & which was line. I had to swap the black wires to at least get into the flashing [programming] modes. I could try putting the LED lights back in but I would think switching [2] 75W incandescent lights should be no problem. Any thoughts?

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    i have ms-ops2-wh trying to connect to a single pole,,,where do the two(2) black wires on switch go ? i only haave one black and one white in the box

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    whitebass09180, traditionally white wires are used as neutrals, but in your situation it's possible that your white wire is either a hot or load wire. IF this is the case then you would connect 1 of our black wires to your black wire and then the other black wire to your white wire. This sensor does require a ground connection which will also need to be connected.

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