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Thread: Turning off dimmer light turns it back on

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    Turning off dimmer light turns it back on

    I just installed a Caseta Wireless dimmer switch to control a LED spotlight in the front of my house. I have the dimmer set to 33% as the light is quite bright. When I use the Lutron app to turn the light off, it turns off for about 1 second, has a slight flicker, then turns back on again. If I set the light to 100%, then turn off, it stays off. Any ideas?I've installed more than 10 Caseta switches/devices in my house, and all has been working great for a couple of years now.Appreciate any advice,Thanks!

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    FYI, without a solution, I've put this workaround in place successfully. Originally I had setup an automation job to start the light at 33% at dusk, then to turn off at 11:30PM. My workaround is to add one more automation task that sets the light to 100% at 11:29 PM. Now every morning when I wake up and check, the light is off. Success.

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    How does a beginner post?

    I apologize about posting in another members thread. However, I spent two days trying to figure out how to post or create a new thread. Again, I apologize. How does one post a new thread?Thank you.

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    No worries. Go to a top level subject, such as troubleshooting here :, then hit the blue "Post New Thread" button.

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    SpeacialK Thank you very much.

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