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Thread: Upgrading Sivoia QS Wired Shades to Homekit using Homeworks QS?

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    Upgrading Sivoia QS Wired Shades to Homekit using Homeworks QS?

    I'm new here guys! I had a Sivoia QS wired installed back in 2012 using IR controls using the QS IR EYE (not triathlon or wireless). The controller was a Crestron controller that controlled shades, music, lighting and cameras. As of today, nothing but the lighting works, and after spending a couple of thousand, nothings fixed. Contractor hasn't made any progress and just wants more money. I do have significant background in doing electrical/home reno but didn't have the time to do this back then, but do now with WFH due to Covid. I've made a couple of posts before but I think I'd rather get fresh expert opinion.

    So, bottom line, converting Sivoia QS wired that uses IR from Crestron Controller and QS IR Eye.
    I'd also like to add, all my light switches are also Lutron Maestro Wireless. Given I'm getting rid of Crestron, it would be ideal not to replace all the switches and save the money.

    I believe this would be possible by using Homeworks QS, but I have a couple of questions.

    Description of current system:
    Sivoia QS Wired - has QSPS-P1-10-60 Power Unit. 10 individual shades output setup. 1 QS seeTouch Keypad attached to it that controls all shades (master?). It used to have IR control from Crestron that allowed individual zone control, but that no longer works.

    Wiring the Homeworks QS is simple I think. I'll ask in a separate post if I have questions.

    My questions currently are:
    1) How does Homeworks QS system detect all the shades in the system? Do I have to reset or reprogram the shades? Is it (hopefully) as simple as detect all the shades in current system and then assign them to each zone as needed?
    2) Given Crestron was able to do it using their system, can I also create phantom switches with Homeworks QS programming? I don't want to buy additional switches if not required.
    3) Does anyone have instructions or a link on how to program the Sivoia QS shades in Homeworks? I've seen some YouTube videos, but none I've skimmed through show detail on how the shades on QS sync/identify themselves in the Homeworks.

    I know I need the below parts at a minimum for shades:
    Homeworks QS processor- HQP6-2
    Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro - L-BDGPRO2-WH

    Do I need anything else for the shades?

    If I choose to add lighting to Homeworks QS for Lutron Maestro Wireless Switches, then do I need to add:
    Hybrid Repeater - HQR-REP-120? Or is it not a must?
    Do I need Pico Buttons?

    Do I need anything else for the lighting?

    Let me know. Thank you guys.

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    I think I just figured out HomeWorks is dealers only. Is that correct? Is there any way to get it without dealer access, or to get dealer access? I saw the basic application requirement, and I've done a lot of home automation albeit not Caseta. Let me know if there is a solution here. I'm looking to go independent of a dealer however, so this would be ideal.

    Also, I figured out I need the part for powering the Homeworks QS - QSPS-DH-1-75.

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    Hello ssinha13,

    Hopefully we can help clear up some of the confusion.

    We have four Residential home systems. Caseta Wireless, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2, and Homeworks.

    Caseta Wireless uses the L-BDGPRO2. This system is programmed using the Lutron app on your phone. The Smart Bridge PRO works with Sivoia QS wireless shades. If your Sivoia QS shades are all fully wired, then the QS Wireless Adapter would need to be attached to each shade (one receiver per shade motor). This involves making a slight alteration to the low voltage wiring as well. The part number is QSYC-J-RCVR for North America. Programming the Caseta Wireless system does not require a dealer; we consider it a DIY system. We do recommend involving a Lutron shade dealer to help convert the Sivoia QS shades to wireless. Please note that the Caseta Smart Bridge does not work with Homeworks.

    RA2 Select is similar to Caseta. It is programmed with an app on your phone, but some of the hardware is more specialized and must be purchased through a dealer. The programming can all be DIY. Instead of a Smart Bridge, it uses a RA2 Select Main Repeater but the methodology is basically the same otherwise. It also requires all products to be wireless so the shades would still need those adapters.

    RadioRA 2 and Homeworks are the dealer-programmed systems. We do not distribute this software without attending the Lutron training. That software is what connects to devices through the processor for activation and configuration. For homeowners, we recommend working with a Lutron programmer so they can handle those details for you. If your contractor has given you unsatisfactory service, please use the Lutron search tool to find a different, certified dealer in your area: RadioRA 2 is fully wireless (shade wireless adapters required) and Homeworks supports wired and wireless devices (shades can keep the same wiring and same power supply to communicate with Homeworks). If you go the Homeworks route, we recommend asking the dealer for design options since there are many, many choices with that system.

    For your Maestro Wireless devices, do you know the part number? We have several families. The first part of the product code is the family. PD- works with Caseta Wireless. RR- works with RA2 Select and RadioRA 2. HQR- works with Homeworks. MRF2- are Maestro Wireless Standalone devices, and do not work with these residential systems.

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