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Thread: Design Assistance for over 50 devices

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    Design Assistance for over 50 devices

    I have over 50 devices and I'm trying to decide whether to have two bridges with two logins or to put part of the system on a Caseta Bridge and use something like the wink to control the rest of the devices. I can break the system up into something like plug load devices in one system and lights in the other because I don't really use the plug load devices and lights in the same scenes. I guess I'm reaching out to anyone who has exceeded 50 devices to see what you have done.

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    I have over 40 devices on my system currently and will eclipse the 50 device limit in the future when I add shades and thermostats (or add more switches elsewhere). My fallback plan, in the event that Lutron doesn't come up with a solution, is to split the shades or possibly the master bedroom (including shades) off to a separate bridge. I would not use two different 'systems' (e.g. Smart Bridge and Wink) but rather two of the same system as I think this will make life easier. Another forum member mentioned that the Roomie Remote app can control multiple Smart Bridges. Something else to consider is using Maestro devices where you don't truly need automation control to save on your device count.

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    I have 37 devices, and need 28 more to fully finish ...not sure what I am going to do...sure wish I would have researched my project a little more

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