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Thread: I am still on 11.6.0

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    Question I am still on 11.6.0

    Any reason to upgrade the system and the software from 11.6.0?I never jumped to 12.0 because internet is not all that great here in Jardin Colombia and I want to be able to make changes to my system even if there is no internet available.Also since I can not afford a Ra2 Bridge I have to keep using the Home+ app on all my devices or the URC integration on my Total Control 2 system and don't want to lose them both due to a firmware/software update.Thx.

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    No need to upgrade for now. At some point the HC+ app will no longer work with phones once they have progressed far enough away from what was used to create the HC+ app. Until then, if it's not broken- no need to fix. Just remember that once you go to 12.0 and beyond, you'll need a myLutron account to log into the newer software versions.
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    Thanks Mike. Will just stay at 11.6.0 then. Good to go with a myLutron account for the future.

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    One reason would be if you need to add new dimmers that are no longer supported by 11.6. I think the Pro dimmers require 12. Honestly though, unless they have the Home Plus app, the upgrade for Radio Ra2 (at least for now) is not too painful because they still let you manually add the default integration user name and passwords so you can upgrade things without breaking integration. I have a feeling they'll probably change that too. Personally I really liked the Home+ app because I could use it on houses that don't have a connect bridge and people loved them.

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