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Thread: Caseta with 4-way wiring

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    Caseta with 4-way wiring

    Hello, i have 3 switches in my kitchen that operate the same set of lights. i like to keep this operating as is.i opened 1 of the switches and found 2-red; 2-black; 1-gnd wires - total do i wire the Caseta switch so that it will operate as it does now?thanks!!RMP7345

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    Hello. The multi-location installation instructions can be found at the following link.

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    The short answer is that you have to convert your 4-way setup into a single pole setup and having one dimmer installed and 2 pico remotes. As mentioned above Lutron has some instructions and any electrician will have their own way of doing it (whether tying up all the travelers together or marking them, etc. If your question however is asking whether you can keep the other switches, then no, caseta doesn't have a multi-location (remote) dimmer. Just Picos which will be programmed to work later, and remember that each Pico will go against your 75 device limit. If this is not desirable, and you haven't bought anything yet, you might consider Ra2 Select instead which costs more but lets you have multiple remote dimmers that are wired and best resemble what you have now.

    I should mention that if you're doing this yourself, take pictures of how things were before.

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