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Thread: Best practices for rooms within rooms -ie. Master Bath located inside Master Bedroom?

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    Best practices for rooms within rooms -ie. Master Bath located inside Master Bedroom?

    Since with Ra2 you can't add subcatagories to an area the way you can with QS, I'm curious how other people do places like master bathrooms. Do you create a new room called "Master Bath" or do you add the lights and switches to the bedroom and just name them "bath lights". In the old days it didn't matter much because it was never seen but now days with the app, the user needs to find things quickly. Personally, if a sub category has more than one or two lights, I make it its own room because it will get complicated but something for a closet that will have one or two lights only, I'll just put it in the room and just call it "closet light" instead of adding a new room called closet. If the bathroom only had one light, I'd probably just call it "Bath light" too.

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    I think you are on the right track. It really depends on the end user. I added Master Bath as a room, it's easier for the wife to understand. But your comment on only one or two laods is also a good plan. I make it the customer's choice.
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