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Thread: Dimmer Trips Other Circuits

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    Dimmer Trips Other Circuits

    I just had my kitchen remodeled. There is a dimmer switch that controls recessed lighting.There are three GFCIs in the breaker panel for controlling three sets of outlets. When the dimmer is approximate mid location, it trips the GFCIs if something draining current is on in one of the outlets such as a toaster or coffee maker. Everything is fine if dimmer is in any other position. The breaker for the recessed lights never trips. I don't have a lot of faith in the electrician solving this but he's the one that the contractor currently wants to use.

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    Followup: electrician swapped out Murray gfci's with Eaton ones today and everything is working. He couldn't explain why the Murray's tripped other than to say maybe they are "sensitive". We'll see.
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