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Thread: Maestro MACL-LFQ and Harbor Breeze Sage Cove Fan/Light

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    Question Maestro MACL-LFQ and Harbor Breeze Sage Cove Fan/Light

    Hello,The HB Sage Cove fan/light combo has 4 wires: 1 black for the fan motor, 1 blue for the light, 1 white neutral and 1 green ground. The instructions indicate to control fan and light separately, the fan and light wires would need to connect to two separate hot wires; otherwise both the black (fan) and blue (light) wires would connect to the same hot wire. I want to be able to dim the lights and control fan speed. The Maestro has 4 wires: 1 yellow for the fan, 1 red for the light, 1 back hot wire and 1 green ground. (no neutral) Will I be able to use the Maestro with this fan, and if so- what does the wire hookups between the Maestro/Sage Cove need to be? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Hi Teena,In order to install the MACL-LFQ Maestro Fan/Light control in this application, it would require you to have two separate load wires that run from your Sage Cove Fan/Light (1 connected to the blue wire for the light & 1 to the black wire for the fan motor) down through your walls to the wallbox where you are installing the MACL-LFQ. Inside that wallbox you will need those 2 above mentioned wires (1 from the light goes to RED & 1 from the fan motor goes to YELLOW) as well as an additional HOT wire that brings electrical voltage to your wallbox to energize the controls housed there (this wire is probably already there) and this wire will need to go to the BLACK screw of the MACL-LFQ. The white wire off of your fan needs to be tied to a neutral connection coming out of the ceiling in order to function. This wire run should make NO connection to the Lutron MACL-LFQ.The common issue people have here is that they only have a SINGLE wire running from their ceiling where they're putting the fan/light down to the wallbox where they have a switch controlling it. The only solution here is to run an additional wire from the ceiling down to the wallbox.Hope this helps! -Justin F.

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