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Thread: SQL Server Issues when installing on a new Laptop.

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    SQL Server Issues when installing on a new Laptop.

    I recently got a new laptop and I’m trying to re-install the Radio Ra 2 12.6 software on it; however, I keep getting a message about needing to install the following: SQL Server 2012 CLR Types x86 SQL Server 2012 Management Objects x86When I click “Install”, it seems to try to download the files but can’t find them: The files for installation requiremenSt SQL Server 2012 CLR Types x86 could not be found. The installation will now stop. This is probably due to a failed, or canceled download.I tried going to the Microsoft website and installing these manually, but even after doing that the Lutron installer doesn’t seem to know where they are.Wondering if anyone has any ideas. My regular PC has had my software installed for a long while.Thanks

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    Did you try using the Lutron installer that comes with all prerequisites included?

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    Same issue

    Agreed, this has recently become a larger issue where several laptops are not able to run RadioRa2

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    Hello,We apologize for the issues you've run into with the installation of the RA2 software. We do have some guidelines and information in regards to software errors, hopeful resolutions, and how to capture the appropriate information to share with our team. Feel free to review the below information, but we highly suggest emailing any response to us at, so we can support your case and help come up with a resolution.The RA2 software requires the following SQL components to run properly:LocaldbManagement ObjectsCLR TypesNote: The above listed components are for SQL Server 2012. Another step to try is to please go into add/remove programs on the machine and uninstall the above components of Microsoft SQL Server. After uninstalling them, reinstall any recent version of RadioRa2. This will reinstall the components to a known good state. To give any more insight as to what exactly is failing with SQL, we will need to get software logs from the machine after the error with the software occurs. Event Viewer logs would not hurt either. Please email these to with a description of the issue.Send in the Windows Event LogsPress the start buttonType "event" into the search engine and Event Viewer should be a program optionIn Windows Event Viewer expand the Windows Logs folderRight click the Applications option and select "Save All Events As…"Make sure the file saves as a .evtx fileSend in the software logsNavigate to the following folder:For RA2: C:\ProgramData\Lutron\RadioRA2\RadioRA2 (pick the troublesome version)\EssentialsInclusive\LogsIf the "ProgramData" folder is not showing on the C:\ drive, it is because it is a hidden folder. Go into the Control Panel of the machine and find folder options. On one of the tabs, there should be an option to show hidden folders. Select that and click Apply. Alternatively, go into View tab in the folder ribbon and select the “Hidden items" checkbox. ?Send in the most recently dated file in this folderWe hope this helps.

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    Great article, but it would be nice if you added an example with navigation.

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