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Thread: HQRD Keypad - LEDs flashing on button press

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    HQRD Keypad - LEDs flashing on button press

    HQRD keypad on QS system question -- when any button on the KP is pressed, all LEDs on the keypad flash. I would characterize it as a slow flash -- basically flashes 3 times at what appears to be 1-second intervals. The light loads controlled by the keypad can be controlled through a Crestron system using phantom keypads and when doing so, the LEDs on the keypad respond correctly to reflect LED programming for the associated light loads. This seems to eliminate the common troubleshooting tips for HQRD devices with flashing LEDs namely that the device is not addressed or the device is not programmed. My other thought was that the keypads were Locked or the system in Security Mode but I am not sure what the LED behavior would be for a locked keypad and I could not find it in any of the TRGs. She has rebooted the processor which I would have thought would clear any keypad locks unless of course they are locked in startup programming. If my assumptions are correct about the device addressing and system programming not being an issue given how the LEDs behave when the loads are manipulated, I am at a loss to explain what is going on. I am an old HomeWorks Illumination programmer and retired before QS came out so I am only mildly familiar with its programming (I do have both RA2 and QS programming interfaces so I can examine programs). I am trying to help a friend of mine whose husband was a Lutron dealer and he programmed his own home system but he passed away last year. Before I help her find another dealer (she is in a remote location), I was trying to see if I could troubleshoot the problem hoping it was an easy fix.

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    I believe your initial instincts were correct. It sounds like the keypad has lost it's address. You can have a keypad in the software that doesn't have a physical keypad associated with it. As long as the software keypad is assigned to an output, it will function through integration or with the App.

    I don't believe rebooting the processor would "unlock" the keypads. Since it is a 120v keypad, you can try rebooting it. If it is a hybrid, it will have a pull-out gap switch at the bottom, otherwise you will have to find the breaker that controls that circuit.

    Sometimes uploading the program will fix the issue. Sometimes going in/out of addressing mode will fix the issue.
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