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Thread: Savings Scenes with Lutron Ap: More Tedious Than I expected

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    Savings Scenes with Lutron Ap: More Tedious Than I expected

    Hi all, I bit the bullet and picked up some Lutron Caseta products, namely the smart bridge and some plug-in lamp dimmers. So far I'm impressed with their functionality and ease of use. One thing threw me for a loop though—setting up scenes. I expected programming a scene to be a simple matter of playing around with the light settings, and when happy with the settings, simply saving that scene and naming it. But no. Instead, you have to go the process of going through each light and setting the dimming level then saving and naming. Well if you have a lot of lights, and you've done lots of fine tuning, there's just no way of doing this easily. So to make my scenes, I had to first experiment with the light settings until satisfied, write down each light's dimming level and then re-enter them while programming the scenes. Not that big of a deal, but more tedious than I expected. There's got to be an easier way. Am I missing something? Thanks, Bryan

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    Hello. What you explained is the process to set the Scene levels and to program them. May want to send a note to to request a real time dispaly of the light when setting up the scenes as a future feature request. This would be truly helpful and would eliminate the need to have to write down the favorite settings for each individual light.

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