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Thread: Brand new to smart hub, very familiar with Lutron dimmers and switches.

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    Brand new to smart hub, very familiar with Lutron dimmers and switches.

    I just got a Lutron smart hub (non pro) and I'm having some trouble. It connected and controls my ecobee thermostat perfectly. I also connected it to an existing Pico remote that I've had for a year, connects and added the device no problem, but it will not adjust the lights. When I hit edit device it says Kitchen and pico, under the devices it says "lights, shades and audio" clicking on that it says "there are no devices for this pico to control, please add a device" I have no options to add another device. The pico remote still works fine and controls my lights.Next I have a zigbee led strip with a control module, it was advertised as working with the Lutron smart hub but I'm not seeing an option for that, guessing that was a lie. Thanks for any help.

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    Hello. In order for you to control the light through the use of the app like the Pico remote currently controls, you will have to add the wired Caseta dimmer to the app as well. You need to add both the pico and the Caseta dimmer to the app in order for them to work in the system together and to use the app. To add the wired Caseta dimmer go to Settings (gear in top left of app)Add Devices> select dimmer > and hold off button until it adds to the app like you did with the Pico remote. All devices must be added to the app in order for them to work with the bridge.

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