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Thread: MS-VPS5M turning it ON automatically after automatic turn off

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    Question MS-VPS5M turning it ON automatically after automatic turn off

    I have a question about this device (vacancy only sensor).If I turn it on manually and then leave the run, after the vacancy timer runs out the light goes off. This is fine. But then when I enter the room, the light goes on automatically when it detects my presence. But that happens only the first time I enter the room, the following times I have to turn the light on manually (auto off works as expected always).Has anyone experienced that as well with this device? I have two of them and they both behave similarly.thanks!

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    Does it automatically turn the lights on for other people or just you? Just kidding!!

    The VPS5M was designed for areas where automatically turning lights on is prohibited. There is no setting the the VPS5M that will allow the lights to be automatically turned on. Is it possible you got an OPS5M? You could have gotten one that was mislabeled. You can try the instructions for setting the OPS5M to vacancy only mode.
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    it happens with everyone! :)))I have two devices of the Vacancy Sensor and two of the Occupancy Sensors. Both of my Vacancy Sensor devices work similarly (auto on just the first time), and the Occupancy Sensor devices work as expected.Not a major deal, I can live with that.Question about sensibility: high means it will detect more or less the presence of people?Thanks!

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    Hi frodd,This is actually a built in safety feature of the control that is a requirement to have for some commercial applications. There is a 15-20 second grace period after the light is shut off where motion will trigger the light back on as you described. Hope this info helps! Justin F.

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