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Thread: Reordering Scenes in Caseta App

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    Reordering Scenes in Caseta App

    Hello All:I installed a bunch of switches yesterday and we are just LOVING Caseta. The reports of it being engineered well are spot on!I tried to find info on the following but was unsuccessful.The app "kind of" lets you put scenes in any order you like. It allows the pretty-standard behavior of doing a long push on an item in the list, then letting you move that item to a different place in the list, resulting in a different ordering of the list. The problem seems to be that the reordering doesn't "stick". If I take the app out of the foreground, when I come back to it, the scene list reverts to the original ordering. It seems like they're wanting us to be able to change the order, but it also seems like it's not working.I'm running on Android, if that matters.Any comments / explanations? Operator error?Thanks!Jim

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    I believe it stores them in the order they were entered. You can forward suggestions to
    LED, Incorporated
    Raleigh, NC 27614

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    Thanks for the info and pointer to support.Jim

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