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Thread: Control of RTS (SOMFY) motors

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    Control of RTS (SOMFY) motors

    I successfully integrated control of wireless RTS roller blinds with SOMFY motors from both a hwqs and an hwi systems.

    It took some time and effort to put together the xls driver file for illuminations but it was worth it. It have raise, lower, stop, intermediate position commands for all 16 groups.

    I'll happily share the driver and details should anyone be interested. I accept payment in kind. Beer comes to mind but in in France so that might be tricky.

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    I am working on a system with Homeworks 8 processors(H8P5-MI-H48-120 and HRP5-120) that has both QED and Somfy RTS motors. The Lutron equipment is controlled via Lutron keypads, the Somfy via Trelis RF remotes. Ideally, I would like to control everything from the Lutron iPad App. Does you driver allow that and what do I need in order to do it?

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    You need an RS232 to RS485 adapter (like this one and the somfy RS485 RTS transmitter (

    You may need gender changers and/or null modem adapters in DB9 format.

    If you need more than 16 groups you'll need to daisy chain several transmitters. My driver does not allow that as it uses broadcast codes (instead of codes linked to the unique ID of every transmitter).

    And that's it. The driver gives you Raise, Lower, Stop, and even "My" position commands.

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    I already purchased the Somfy URTSI II which has RS-484 as well. Can I use it instead the Somfy RS485 transmitter? How much is your driver?
    I am new to Homeworks Illumination; all I am trying to do is enable iPad integration with the processor. If I understand correctly, the RS-485 adapter connects to the RS232 port on the Homeworks processor and then to the Somfy RTS interface. What is involved in configuring the Lutron processor? I already extracted the original file and modified it for the Lutron App.

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    You can use this unit as well, but the command set is very different. In fact, the URTSI II control strings are much more convenient than the transmitter's.

    So, my driver won't be of any use. On the other hand you don't need the RS485 adapter if the smoky module is reasonably near the processor. RS232 can do 10 meters or so without a problem, 9600bps is not too fast.

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    It seems that this page lists what's needed !

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    Thank You!

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    Thanks to your help I am able to control the Somfy shades with the URTSI connected to the Homeworks 8 processor. Since it is a large residence I have to add two more URTSI units in order to cover the entire place. One will be in the AV Closet and the other two at the two ends of the residence. I have a single cat6 going to each location. The schematics for Somfy RS-485 connection show the URTS units daisy chained, which would not be possible in my case unless I use two pairs of the cat6(one for up, one for downstream). Do you know by any chance if RS-485 allows for a "star" configuration? Instead of running one pair of the cat6 cable wires from the closet to the second URTSI and then another pair from the second to the third I want to split the + and the - from the first and send it simultaneously to the 2nd and 3rd URTSI units. Would that work?

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    I realize this is probably too late, but yes the Star configuration will work. However, you can only have one URTSI Transmit at a time. Contact me with any questions.

    Jim - Somfy.

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    your RS485 codes

    Hi! can you send me an example code that you use? Or even better - your spreadsheet?

    Thank you!

    wally *at*

    edit to add - I'll send you beer!!!

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