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Thread: Occupancy Sensor Tests Okay, but Suddenly Stopped Working

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    Occupancy Sensor Tests Okay, but Suddenly Stopped Working

    I have an occupancy sensor (lrf2-ocr2b-p-wh) in a hall closet that's worked fine for a year, but suddenly no longer works properly (i.e. it doesn't turn the light on or off).1) When I press the light button on the sensor, the correct light does turn on/off, so it's clearly still paired.2) When I enter test mode, the sensor shows that it's clearly detecting motion.However, out of manually pressing the button or test mode, the sensor doesn't seem to do anything anymore.I have other occupancy sensors in that house of the same model that still work fine. Any ideas?

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    Did you recently update the firmware/software? If so, what version? I would go back into the software and check that the sensor is supposed to turn "on" the closet light and not "off". If it is "off", then you would expect the behavior you are seeing. This type of glitch happened in some of the older software versions where the firmware update would changed the level from some devices in the programming. If that isn't the case, then you might try changing the battery. I know that Lutron says 10 year battery life, but you may have had one that sat a bit too long on the shelf, or just a bad battery from the jump. Correct battery is a CR123.
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