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Thread: Lurton MACL-153M

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    Lurton MACL-153M

    I have installed three new Quest 6 inch dimmable canless recessed lights.

    12 Pack 6" Inch Canless LED Downlight with Junction Box; 9W=(80W Equivalent) 40,000 Life Hours; Dimmable to 5%; Wet Location Rated; 700 Lumens; 120V; CRI>90; 5 Year Warranty; Daylight 5000K

    Lutron Maestro LED+ Dimmer for Dimmable LED, Halogen and Incandesent Bulbs | Single-Pole or Multi-Location | MACL-153M-WH | White

    I utilized the Lytton MACL 153M and the three lights I have installed work great in a 3way configurations. With that said at some settings I get feedback ghosting in another room on lights that are on a different switch but seems to be the same breaker. This goes away when I turn off the Lutron MACL or dim that switch completely.

    The lights in the other room are an older can style with LED conversation, I plan to replace these with the same lights and switch later down the road. Until then I am still looking for a solution to eliminate the ghosts and voltage feedback in to other areas of the circuit I am unsure what would cause this to feed power in to another run of lights. Any help would be great.

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    It sounds like a compatibility issue. Unfortunately there are no standards for LEDs. Every manufacturer is different and they even vary designs between model numbers. The MACL is designed for replacement bulbs. You can try adjusting the trim or switching to the MA-PRO. The PRO has a neutral connection which sometimes helps with these issues.
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