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Thread: Shade Certification Levels

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    Question Shade Certification Levels

    I'm looking to become certified to sell shades, with a focus on Radio RA2 integration (and Select).The first level of shade qualifications seems to be "Shade Essentials". from the literature this would only give access to sell, specify, measure, purchase, and install Sivoia QS Triathlon shading solutions and Sivoia QS Wireless Drapery Lite.I've always been more of a "hardwire" power guy, and I have a few customers that have projects under construction that want roller shades that hide in a pocket at the top of the window such that it's hidden from view when the shade is up.It seems to me that I need to have access to the the Sivoia QS shades to get into the hardwire power options that could be installed in such a space. Is there something obvious that I'm overlooking, or is this correct? What is required to get into the Sivoia QS line of products?

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    Richard, could you please contact our Customer Service department at 1-844-588-7661? They are available 8AM-8PM Eastern Monday-Friday. They should be able to either assist you with the next step, or refer you to the proper Sales Rep for your area, who would in turn be able to assist you in becoming a full-line shades dealer.

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