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Thread: Main repeater died, how do I replace with our re-pairing all the devices, etc.

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    Main repeater died, how do I replace with our re-pairing all the devices, etc.

    Hello,My Radio RA2 main repeater died after about 14 months. I purchased a replacement Radio RA2 repeater, now in my Radio RA2 essentials setup, I want to replace the Main repeater and keep all of the other setup (repeaters, shades, limits, etc). How do I do this?ThxBryan

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    You should be able go to the Find Main Repeater and use the pull down menu to select the new repeater's serial number. Once the repeater is found, go to the Activate tab and look for a button that says re-activate all devices. If that button isn't there, then you'll need to default and activate each device again. Don't forget to Transfer at the end of either scenario.
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