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Thread: Need DIVA fan control wiring help

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    Need DIVA fan control wiring help

    Hello, I have a toggle switch/on or off switch that delivers power to the hunter ceiling fan. I control the fan speed and light on the ceiling fan. The wall switch has a ground, neutral and hot wire. I purchased a lutron DIVA DVFSQ-LF which has a hot wire (red) which controls the fan, yellow which controls the light, and green wire (ground). So, I have 3 wires on switch side and 4 wires on the lutron side. Maybe I can do away with one wire but I am not sure. Please advise.THanks !

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    Hello Brill,Thank you for your Post! The DVFSQ-LF requires you to have two separate wires or "switched legs" that run from the wallbox up to the fan/light combo for independent control of each. It sounds like per your description you had a single switch that would deliver power to both the light kit and fan motor and the wiring you described sounds like there is only one wire that runs up to the fan. Unfortunately, you would need to run an additional wire in order for the DVFSQ-LF to function. Hope this info helps! -JustinF.

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