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Thread: MACL-LFQ 120 v- 60Hz error code question

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    Question MACL-LFQ 120 v- 60Hz error code question

    Installed this unit approx. three weeks ago and it functioned properly. Now it is no longer functioning. I tried resetting at the breaker box as well as the FASS tab. No success. Looks like I get an error code as follows: The very top indicator light for the light switch blinks in unison with the fan indicator light third from the very bottom. Both flash rapidly for about a second then go out for about four seconds and keep repeating. Can anyone tell me what this error code is and how it may be corrected?

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    Hi mike638,Thanks for your post! This blink code for the MACL-LFQ is showing that the light pull chain is in the off stat or the lamps you have screwed into the sockets are blown out. This can be found on the bottom left corner of the installation guide @ this helps!-JustinF.

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