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Thread: USB-C Power Delivery for Main Repeater?

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    USB-C Power Delivery for Main Repeater?

    I'd like to suggest that future models of the RA2 Select Main Repeater (RR-SEL-REP2) be powered by a USB-C cable instead of a 120-volt adapter. Is such an enhancement being planned? This USB-C power delivery enhancement will allow the Main Repeater to be placed inside WiFi router cabinets where 120-volt power outlets are in short supply.

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    Proposed Consumer Options: PoE, USB or Adapter

    The RA2 Select Main Repeater requires ~1.3 watts per the specifications. This can be supplied via a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cable, a USB cable or a Power Adapter (current offering) cable. I propose that future versions of the Main Repeater support PoE. If PoE is not available from the consumer's Internet Router, then the consumer should be able to choose between a USB cable or a power adapter cable.

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    I've made the POE suggestion to several people at Lutron. Integrators would love this option. One less wall wort power supply. I am hoping the the next gen RadioRA2 main repeater will have this functionality.
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