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Thread: Occupancy sensor - daylight sensing

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    Occupancy sensor - daylight sensing

    Sorry for the simple minded question, but I have a recently installed MS-OPS2H occupancy sensor switch.
    Works fine, except that daylight sensing does not seem correct. Have a bright sunlit room and motion sensor is
    switching the light on.
    I believe I have the sensor in the correct mode: Auto-on daylight sensing and Auto-Off.
    Instructions say to tap the light off within five seconds to increase sensitivity to light.
    I see no change after ten to fifteen taps. Phone help says it may take several weeks to adjust!
    Does this seem correct? Thanks.

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    That sensor self adjusts in the mode you are referring to. Give it time, it will eventually get it where you need it.
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    I didn't work much using this sensor. But worked much on the same type of the sensors.
    Actually sometime you need to calliberate the sensor according to your environmental conditions.
    Also the cases are there sometimes when they adjusts automatically.
    You just have the need to give some time and it ll adjust itself according to the working required by you.

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    I recently installed the MS-OPS5M version and my issue is same as svale_sp. I researched the data sheets and it states it requires between 6-10 times to get the light threshold to calibrate itself in Auto-On Daylight Sensing & Auto Off programming mode. I've been hitting the On button within 5 sec after entering the room for a few days and it takes many more than 6-10x. And still hopeful it works as advertised.

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    Katie H.
    It is important to make sure you have programmed your occupancy sensor into daylight mode. Both of the sensors mentioned in this post come in a default setting on "Auto-On and Auto-Off". Please see the programming section of your installation guide to select the Auto-On daylight sensing and Auto-Off mode. Once this programming step is accomplished the sensor will start learning immediately.

    Each time you correct or use the sensor at a specific light level the threshold is being set. Depending on your preferences or how often this sensor is used will determine how long the sensor will take to learn your preferences. If you feel over time this is not learning, please call call 1-844-LUTRON1 to speak with one of our Technical Support Representatives so we can troubleshoot your specific application.

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