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Thread: QS to QSX Update yet?

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    QS to QSX Update yet?

    Anyone converted a QS system to the new QSX processor yet?I have mine sitting here, probably going to do it this weekend. Just wanted to see if there were any hitches to be aware of.Thanks,Andy
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    Besides the list of features not available at launch, two things that I’ve found is no pico control or editing from Lutron app and no log available from the terminal. Not having a log makes troubleshooting conditionals etc a bit of a pain.....

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    Also on the Lutron App I’m not seeing keypad LED status (iPhone). Anyone else seeing this? I’ve sent in a support file but I was curious if it was isolated to my setup.

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    Not yet. I gave the pricing to a customer who has a one link QS system that's already used on wired devices so I'm short one port (the original installer kind of cheaped out) so rather than getting a 2nd QS processor that costs as much as a QSX processor I told them it's better to just bite the bullet now and future proof with QSX. My concern there is that they have Savant as well which will break once I go to QSX. Hopefully by then the new API thingie works so their Savant guy can link things back up.

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