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Thread: Cannot access repeater

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    Cannot access repeater

    My RadioRa2 installation was done a long time ago 2011 or 2012 I think. It was programmed with essentials.Unfortunately the computer that was used to do the programming met a catastrophic end and there is no backup :(I've done the level 1 training. The system currently works fine but I need to change a few things and add dimmer.I tried extracting the project with essentials 11.6 but the repeater cannot be found.I can ping the repeater.I noticed that the *only* port open on the repeater is 22 (SSH). I swear I used to be able to telnet into the repeater and that it used to have a web interface on port 80. But these ports seem to be closed now.I port scanned the device with nmap and it shows the only open port is 22 (SSH).Is there any way for me to regain access to the system? I'd hate to have to factory reset and start from scratch.If I do need to reprogram from scratch I've read that I need to go back to older versions of essentials and update the firmware version by version until I can use the latest software. Is this true? Where do I get older versions?I've also read that I risk bricking my repeater. I really do not want to do that either.And finally, since my system is 8+ years old is there any chance that any of my devices are no longer supported by the software?

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    Enter the IP address of the main repeater in a browser. Username lutron, password lutron. Look for the CODEVER. I believe 6.0 is the earliest version that allowed extracting the program. You may need to install the version of the software on the repeater to be able to extract.

    You can reboot the repeater without any issue. This may help the software find it on the network.

    You won't have to load every version of the software. Lutron replaces all off the files with each update.

    Since you know the IP address of the processor you can assign a static IP to your computer and connect directly to the processor.

    All of your devices are supported in the current software.
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