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Thread: Caseta registration/HomeKit question

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    Caseta registration/HomeKit question

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and new to Lutron/Caseta automation. I have just moved into a new condo and the blinds have been installed by a firm hired by the builder. The blinds are controlled by a Lutron QSPS-10PNL smart panel power supply. Each blind has its own PICO remote all of which work fine. There is also a Caseta Bridge Pro on one of the LAN ports on my router. I assume it communicates wirelessly to the power supply as there is no physical link between them. The Caseta bridge has been registered with Lutron using a new email address (created by the contractor with no consultation) using an iPad provided by the contractor. As things stand, both the Lutron App and HomeKit are installed on the iPad and both work to control the blinds. As I didn't register the Caseta Pro or link HomeKit, I'm unclear on the process but I assume the email address is playing a role in enabling the Caseta and also in HomeKit integration. For some reason, the same email address was also used as the Apple ID on the iPad. What role does the Apple ID play in this, if any? I don't want this new email address as the Apple ID on the iPad. If I log into my own Apple ID on the iPad will that affect the Lutron and HomeKit apps? If required, could I re-register the Caseta bridge to a different email (my own) without having to reprogram the power supply? Ultimately, I want to use a HomePod as my HomeKit Hub and not the iPad. Thanks for any help or insights with this.

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    Yes, there are two different accounts associated with that email address. The first is the Lutron account. I believe to move your system to a different Lutron account you would have to reset all the programming. The second is the Apple ID, which has a Home associated with it. You can go into the Lutron app, tap Settings, tap “HomeKit & Siri”, then tap “Remove your Bridge”. This will remove any HomeKit automations / programming. You should then be able to sign in to a different Apple ID on the iPad, set up your Home with that Apple ID, and then go to the Lutron app to re-add your system to the new Home you have created.

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    Alternatively, instead of removing and signing out and all that, you could go into the Home app, tap the home icon in top left corner, then tap “Invite…” and invite your other Apple ID to the already-configured HomeKit Home. Just make sure you give that other Apple ID all the controls you want.

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