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Thread: Scene setup times innaccurate

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    Scene setup times innaccurate

    I have my porch light setup to go on at sunset and off at sunrise. The lights aren't going on and off at the correct time. The lights will come on a couple hours before sunset and turn off prior to sunrise. The system is reading my correct time zone and location. Anyone else having trouble with this? Thanks

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    Problem is the app doesn't really ever display the timezone and location configured in the bridge. It shows only timezone of your phone, and does not show anything about location at all. Also, the app requires location services to be enabled - there is no way to enter your zip code. Because of that you can't really confirm if settings are correct or not. Only thing you can do is hit that "Save" button and pray it works.

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    Rdecker664 - If you are still experiencing issues, I would recommend that you verify that location services are enabled for the Lutron app on your phone, and also go into the Settings menu in the Lutron app, select Advanced-->Time and Location-->Save (as veeeh mentioned in previous post). Doing that should resolve the issue. If not, let us know.

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