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Thread: Change display order of created schedules

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    Question Change display order of created schedules

    We have just added Lutron Caseta to our home. I have added two devices, each with two schedules (total of four schedules - one schedule to turn on and one to turn off for each device ). The four schedules I have created have no order in the list of schedules. The current order is Device 2 off, Device 1 on, Device 2 on, Device 1 off. Each device’s schedules are not grouped together, nor are the “ons” and “offs” grouped together. Is there a way to arrange the list of schedules, so that the ons and offs for each device can appear in order?

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    When creating schedules they will appear in the order they were created unfortunately. You would need to delete them and then add the schedules in the order that you would like to see them displayed.

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    Correction. They will appear in the chronological order for which the schedules are to activate. So a schedule set for 5 AM would appear first before a schedule set for 9 AM. Hope this helps.

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