We're building a house, we'll be pulling wire in a couple weeks and I am under the gun to figure out lighting. I have a good handle on most of it, but I have not yet settled even on a brand for smart switches, and I think it's all hinging on my plan to put white-tunable LED lights in the kitchen/breakfast room area. I "think" I want to get away from smart bulbs and lean toward smart switches (unless there is a smart switch that works with smart lights, I want to overcome that "switch-turned-off/smart-light-is-offline" problem. The only smart bulbs I am really interested in are from Ketra, but those might be a tad over my budget, it just depends on the cost of the controls/switches/hubs, which I have no pricing for. A bulb might be worth $100 but not if I need to buy $1000+ infrastructure to use them. What first caught my eye is this from Legrand LMSW-105-CCT https://www.legrand.us/wattstopper/h...cct-x.aspxWhat is Lutron's answer to this? I should point out I want to integrate this with Home Assistant. I understand that the Caseta Wireless line is popular in that home automation community. I have to rule out HomeWorks until I win the lottery. RA2 Select and RadioRA2 seem to be progressively more capable. I would be OK with doing the white tuning in an app, not at the switch, as long as I can access it via Home Assistant, assumedly via API. If the color temp levels are set with an app or browser interface, to set preset buttons on the switch, that's fine (the kids are only going to play with it if there is a color temp slider, anyway!). I know the home automation part is getting a little off into the weeds for the scope of this forum, so unless that happens to be an area you're familiar with, disregard the home automation part, I will work that out! But while I found some good resources, such as:http://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocum...orTuning.aspxI am more confused than ever about what switch, hub and LED light specs (for tunable-white or CTT) I should be looking for, for full compatibility. I would be Ok with a bulb in a standard can light, I would be OK with a recessed square or round light (to cut in or pre-install before drywall), I would be keen on linears, as long as they are flush. I would not rule out panels, even something like this: https://www.superbrightleds.com/more...-fixture/4798/ or even pendants, but I don't think the wife is going to go for surface-mounted lights, be they nice, architectural linears or not. I would even be fine with low-voltage or POE, as I am in the low-voltage systems (fire alarm, security systems, camera systems, etc.) industry and prefer LV over 120V any day. All that said, please give me some pointers on choosing one or more lines of switches (and required hubs/controllers) and some pointers (T series etc.) on finding compatible lights. Thanks!Eric