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Telnet is the ultimate escape system to integrate with the long tail of random devices that exist. It's a bit like the contact closure interface of the Internet world. Every project I touch has a long list of contact closure integrations for controlling everything from hot tubs to fire pits to pergola louvers. Similarly, there's a long list of random home devices from security cameras to video distribution and switching to appliances that are now network connected and with Telnet we can create simple integrations. Whatever integration mechanism exists it needs to be open and simple, and it's important that it is designed to allow people in the field to build their own. If the only option is a list of pre-built integrations, it will force us to look for an alternative to Lutron.
I mean you could develop a co-processor using a raspberry pi translating commands for older un-secure telnet devices to communicate with Lutron... but we have no references to the new api so even diy systems like home assistant can't even control it yet. Having direct access to the communications protocol for manual testing and diagnosis was also useful in a pinch.